W. A. Production Affiliate Network

Who we are?

W. A. Production is a sound design label that was founded in 2014. Over the past 5 years, we have grown from selling audio sample packs to now offering a wide array of products for electronic music producers. We have quickly established ourselves as one of the best resources and online retailers in this industry.


Why Join The W. A. Production Affiliate Marketing Program?

Our webstore offers an innovative and diverse range of quality products that include audio sample packs, DAW templates, construction kits, soft synth presets, a large selection of plugins, audio course tutorials and a 4 tier membership. By offering such a wide variety of products to our customers we can easily meet all of their needs and be there one stop shop.

The website, while it does have a lot to offer, is modern in design and user-friendly. The products can be sorted by genre, instrument, DAW, and type of product as well as be filtered by date added, price, rating, and name. The website has been made easy and offers plenty of useful information to help the customer decide on the product(s) that are right for them. This approach to content has increased customer confidence when purchasing a product and in turn, has surged our sales and items sold per each transaction.

The products are purchased easily through the acceptance of a worldwide payment processor and delivery in the form of digital downloads.

We take pride in the value and quality of our products. We stand by this by offering online live chat support and technical support.

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What Is An Affiliate ?

Once you join our affiliate network, you can create links to our online store and products for your visitors to use or add creative banners provided to use on your site to earn commission .
When they follow these links, any purchases they then make will be tracked and commission paid to you direct.
You choose what pages and products that you want to link to and create the URLs within the Share A Sale link building interface. And we provide several banner creatives in all sizes for you to use on site or social media channel.

How it works?

We've streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate affiliate tracking.
  1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site, social media channel or in an email.
  2. The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  3. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to order.
  4. If the visitor orders (the order need not be placed during the same browser session--cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  5. We will review and approve the sale.
  6. You will receive commission payouts.


Why share W. A. Production with your audience / friends?

  • We pay 25% comissions with option to recruit more affiliates and get 10% extra comissions from their sales.
  • Access to banners, text links, & our product data feed
  • Monthly newsletters that keep you informed of the latest WA Production news and promotions while providing tips to increase your sales
  • Regular promotions for your customers to convert into sales

Earn 25% commission (and $20 just for joining)!

Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite products, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays 25% commissions from every sale you send our way. You can recruit more affiliates and get extra 10% from each comission they will make!
There is also a $20 signup bonus just for joining.

High Conversion Rate = More Money!

Our website and plans generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our high conversion rates mean that the people who you send here are more likely to buy our products.
Of course we can't prove that either, but if you don't trust us, why would you want to refer people here?

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1) What do you I need to join?
To earn commissions you will need at least one of the following options:
  • A website with 1k+ monthly visitors
  • YouTube channel with 500+ subscribers
  • Facebok or other social channels with 500+ followers
  • Please let us know at affiliate@waproduction.com if you are declined but feel that you have potential
2) How often do you pay your affiliates?
We pay out quarterly in January, April, July and October. You can be paid by PayPal or bank transfer / wire transfer, whichever suits you. The minimum payout is $100, although you may select a higher value if you wish. There is also a $20 signup bonus just for joining.
3) What campaigns (categories) of banners / links will I get access to?
There are many banners listed in various campaigns (categories) and sizes. Go to your banner manager to find out more.
  • WAProd - General: These are general banners which point to the home page by default.
  • WAProd - Membership: These are banners which point to the W. A. Production Membership pag (high converting - great value deal).
  • WAProd - Sounds: These are banners which point to the Sounds / Samples Packs section on our webstore.
  • WAProd - Plugins: These are banners which point to the Audio Plugins section on our webstore.
  • WAProd - DAW Templates: These are banners which point to the DAW Templates (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro) section on our webstore.
  • WAProd - Audio Courses: These are banners which point to the Audio Courses / Videos section on our webstore.
  • WAProd - Promotional / Deals: These are short term banners for W. A. Production Top Deals and promotions.
  • Individual Product Campaigns: These are banners for W. A. Production best-selling products.
When you have found the banner type and size you want to use just click ‘Get Banner Code’ to access the html code which just needs to be pasted into your website. Once loaded to your site the system will start to accrue banner statistics which you will find useful in assessing which banners are working best for you.

You may prefer to copy the banners from the Affiliate Banner manager and to paste them directly to your site. If you choose do this method be sure to add your affiliate code to the end of the url. I strongly recommend that you also test that the link is working as described in ‘How to test your affiliate link’
4) Do you give away free copies/review copies of W. A. Production products to affiliates?
Yes we do! In case you would like to review any of our products, please send us a message at affiliate@waproduction.com
5) I’ve written a review of W. A. Production, can you help promote it?
We’re very interested in people who feature our plugin for reviews, case studies and tools of the trade/blueprint type pages. Please drop us a link if you do a write up via the contact page and we may be able to assist in promoting your review.
6) How to test my affiliate link?
To test your affiliate coded link to waproduction.com or any sub page do the following:

1) Click through your link to any page on waproduction.com
2) Check that the url of the page that you land on ends with your affiliate code.
3) Login to your affiliate panel and go to Reports/Raw Clicks
4) Look for your own click by checking the listed IP address. (If you do not know your own IP address, just put 'My IP' into a search engine).
5) Be aware that it may take up to 10 minutes for new clicks to appear, and also that the system rejects multiple clicks from the same IP within 60 seconds
7) How can I recruit affiliates?
If you'd like to recruit a new affiliate, ensure that they mention your affiliate ID during the signup process. This can be added in the "Parent affiliate" box on the signup form. Once they have joined our network, you will get 10% commission from every sale that they make.

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