1. How do I purchase your products?

Just go the product page you want to get, click "Add to cart" -> go to your "Shopping Cart" (Top right corner) and click "Checkout". Then follow the instructions.

2. How to apply discount code?

Select the "Use Coupon Code" section and put the discount code in there in the "Checkout" screen.

3. How to download your products?

In case the order was proceeded successfully, you will recieve an email with download, or you can also go to the "Purchases" section under your account on our webstore.

4. I've placed the order but I cannot see the pack anywhere and I also didn't recieve a confirmation email.

Sometimes we have to manually approve the order. If something like this happens to you, the easiest way to solve it, is to write us a short message to info[at]waproduction.com and we will confirm your order.

5. Are you creating custom tracks / Are you making online mixing and mastering?

Yes. If you are looking for such services, please write an email to mastering[at]waproduction.com and speak with Al.

6. What Royalty Free means?

All of our products are royalty free, that means, that once you download / buy them you own license for using these sounds. You cannot however claim these sounds as your own only. You can use these sounds for any commercial or non-commercial purposes and you don't have to give us any credits. You can also monetize them and make money from your tracks.

7. Are your DEMO packs also royalty free or do I have to buy the full pack to be able to use them?

Yes, our demo packs are royalty free, you don't have to buy the full version of the current products.