Electro, Progressive, Melbourne Bounce, House, Trap and Dubstep Mixing / Mastering

  • We offer top quality superb mixing and mastering. Give your tracks the polished sound and quality they need.
  • A professional mixed and mastered recording will make your tracks stand out and compete with what you are hearing in the charts andon the radio . We will get the maximum volume and clarity out of your songs.
  • When you submit your music to a record label or an A&R the first thing they will listen to is the quality of the recording. If this isn't done properly your chances of getting your music signed is very low. We take proper care to bring the best out of your music and make the recording shine. 
  • We will do our best to make sure, that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product. Whatever changes are needed we will gladly do . We can also give you suggestions for the future to help improve your productions.
  • We will gladly listen to your productions at no charge and give you our professional feedback on the services we can provide to help your music.


We also offer an amazing Ghost Production service. WA Production makes the highest quality products and our Ghost Productions are the very best in the world.

  • If you want a custom track from scratch or you want us to help you finish your ideas we do it all! If you need help with a melody or a drop or arrangement we can provide what you need.
  • Our productions have been #1 on Beatport and signed to the biggest labels in the world.
  • We can do any genre! Just like our packs. We do it all and we do it the best!


  • Track master: 99$ (You will send us one mixedtrack with enough headroom - that means no limiter or compressor on master channel)
  • Stem master: 249$ (You can send us up to 8 stems and we will mix them and master the final track)
  • Complete mix and master: 349$ (You willl send us each sound separatelly - up to 30 - and we will mix them and master the final track)
  • Ghost Production: Contact us for pricing. Each job is custom fit for you and the prices change. We offer an incredible value and only the highest production quality.

* All services requies full upfront payment via Paypal (once we will agree on mastering / ghostproducing - all feedbacks and communication is of course for free :))

If you are interested in this offer, please contact us on: josh[at]waproduction.com